Excitement at night

The team had a great day yesterday moving all of our gear from Basecamp to Camp 1 (7800′), under sunny skies with little wind. It took us about 5.5 hours to move around 7 miles with roughly 750 pounds of gear..so a job well done indeed!

Yesterday was the biggest single carry day of the trip and from here on in we will move with smaller loads and cache the gear while we continue to acclimate.

Before we left Basecamp there was a small earthquake in the middle of the night that woke everyone up and lasted about 10 seconds. Although we were completely safe where we were sleeping numerous avalanches came down from the surrounding peaks and gave everyone some excitement!

Today we will be moving up to about 10000′ to place a cache and then returning to Camp 1 for another night.

Everyone is doing well and is in good spirits. Thanks for following along and sending your support!

That’s all from Camp 1…Cheers, Mike

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  1. Tarek Muzayen says:

    Time to recharge batteries for next leg.


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