Our first cache – a word from Mohammed

Good evening from the Kahiltna Glacier! We’ve had a great day today moving a load of gear up towards Kahiltna Pass and the team is currently tucking into the tents for a well deserved sleep. A few words from Mohamed on the day:

“Today we set off to our cache point at 9,900 ft to drop off half our gear and returned to Camp 1. The total round trip distance was 9.7 km and took 8 hours. Although we doubled yesterday’s hiking time and ascended 2,100 ft compared to yesterday’s 800 ft, the half-load made the trek a “walk in the park”. The cloudy sky and breeze helped regulate our body temperature.

It was a good second day that is key to our acclimatisation process.

Tonight we’re expecting 6 inches of snow and possibly more throughout the day tomorrow. Most likely, we will continue on taking the rest of our gear to Camp 2, past our cache point, to 11,200ft. The following day, we will return to the cache point to collect buried gear and climb back to Camp 2. They call this an “active rest day”.

Towing sleds from Camp 1 to Camp 2 (Adventure Consultants)

Everyone is healthy, happy and excited to get up to Camp 2. We will see what the weather brings us tomorrow…


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Frank Robin says:

    Exciting to follow you Haytham and Mohamed !


  2. akhashoggi75 says:

    Glad it’s going well, Masha’Allah


  3. Tarek Muzayen says:

    Nice pic and what a view, thanks for sharing.


  4. Mo Islam says:

    Best of luck fellas!! Will be following the progress throughout!

    Be safe and enjoy!


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