-27C at Camp 2

Hello from Camp 2 (11,200′)!!

We had a tough day yesterday making the move to Camp 2 as the trail breaking was knee deep most of the way. It took us about 8 hours and the majority of it was done in a whiteout. Thankfully the skies cleared about an hour out from camp and we had sunny and windless conditions while making our new home. We enjoyed cheeseburgers at 10pm under cool conditions as the temperatures went down to -27C last night.

This morning we went back down to 9800′ to grab the rest of our gear from the cache and we’ve just pulled back into Camp 2….coffee time for us!:)

The weather is cold and clear and tomorrow we hope to make another cache at Windy Corner which is right around 14,000′. We will need to climb up the infamous “Motorcycle Hill” in order to get there, so it will be another big day. We will then take a much deserved rest day here at Camp 2 before we move up to Camp 3 at 14,200′.


The entire team is feeling great and we are very excited to continue our progress up this beautiful peak. Thank you again for following along on our journey.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tarek Al-Muzayen says:

    Half the way to Denali’s peak, keep it up you can do it.


  2. Tarek Al-Muzayen says:

    Dear Haytham , enjoy the whether, here in Dammam reaching 40C today.


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