Cache is in at Motorcycle Hill

Well thankfully the winds died down a bit late this morning and we decided to make the move to the top of Motorcycle Hill and placed our cache. It wasn’t our ideal spot (Windy Corner) but it feels good to have it a thousand feet above us and we will go to sleep tonight knowing that we made the most of the weather.

Best case scenario for tomorrow is that the winds calm down and we can move up to Camp 3 (14,200′). This is where we will really start to feel the altitude. If the weather doesn’t cooperate in the morning then we will have a rest day here at Camp 2 and try to move on Monday.

Top of Motorcycle Hill

The picture is taken from the top of Motorcycle Hill looking down at camp. If you zoom in you can see our tents! The peak on the left is Mt. Foraker and on the right is Kahiltna Dome.

Thanks again for following along and goodnight from Denali National Park.


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