Haytham’s reflections..

Here are a few words from Haytham on yesterday’s move:

7 May 2017, 7:00 pm Alaska Time, Camp 2, 3,400m/11,200 ft.

We had a big day today, we started up Motorcycle Hill again, collected our cache at the top of the hill and moved it to a new cache point at 4,270m/14,000 ft, then came back to Camp 2 for our fourth and hopefully last night. Tomorrow weather permitting we will break camp here and make a big push to Camp 3 at 4,330m/14,200 ft. Camp 3 is an additional hour hike from our cache point.

Heading to 14k today was a challenge, I could feel the altitude for the first time but it was thoroughly exhilarating. There were some very steep and cracky sections we had to negotiate which made for some very interesting and fun climbing. Round trip today was seven hours.

Love to all,

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  1. Glad it is going well guys. Insha’Allah weather permitting, and after a good few nights rest, you will continue progress unhindered and with Allah’s Blessings achieve your goal. Our prayers and thoughts are with you every grueling step of the way. May Allah protect you all.



    I am feeling cold already looking the packed snow behind around you.
    Stay warm and keep it up.


  3. Tarek Al-Muzayen says:

    Go for it Haytham, good luck.


  4. Frank Robin says:

    My god !!! Seems very hard !! Go for it …. Go go


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