Haytham’s reflections.. continued

8 May 2017 Part 2, 8:02 pm Alaska Time, Camp 3, 4,330m/14,200ft.

Now that we are at “14 Camp” we can start strategizing about the summit. Tomorrow we will be tackling the most technical section of the climb which is known as the Headwall. This is an 800 vertical foot section that runs at an angle of 50 degrees. There will be fixed lines which we will be clipping into to protect us from any fall. We will then be making a cache at 5,000m/16,400ft then coming back to 14 Camp for another night.

We were planning on making our summit attempt on Saturday but the weather forecast is predicting -35 C with 25 mph winds which would make it too dangerous to attempt. Hopefully, as we get closer to Saturday the forecast will improve.

Will keep you posted thereafter.

Love to all,

3 Comments Add yours

  1. John Bogoje says:

    So exciting to follow your daily progress . Your team’s safety and success is in my prayers. Go take that summit boys!


  2. Tarik Zahid says:

    Following your progress with great intrest,praying for your safety and success,may the weather be kind,may Allah be with you


  3. Tarek Al-Muzayen says:

    I pray to Allah all mighty to protect you. All the best wishes.


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