Back at Base Camp – Haytham

11 May 2017, 11:47 pm Alaska Time, Base Camp, 7,200 ft.

We are back at Base Camp.

Three days ago Mohamed had developed sever stomach irritation which ultimately turned out to be a gastro-intestinal bleed. While the bleed had gotten better and stopped over the course of the last three days, under the recommendation of three separate physicians it was too dangerous to head to 17,000 ft Camp, we would have been too isolated if anything had gone wrong and with temperatures at negative forty C the margin for error would have been negligible. The decision was made this morning to head back to Base Camp and to try to fly off the mountain tomorrow morning.

Mohamed is fine, the bleed has stopped, this was purely a precautionary measure.

While there is an element of disappointment of course, we thoroughly enjoyed every second (except for the blinding cold nights) of this trip. This place is truly magical and the experience is intoxicating, I certainly plan to come back soon, and hopefully bring my boys here one day inshallah.

We thank you all for your prayers and support.

Love to all,


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  1. Waleed Y. Zahid says:

    No doubt you are disappointed particularly as you were well prepared, energized and doing so well, but altitude has a mind of its own and taxes the body in an unforgiving way. An internal bleed under any condition is serious, but high in the mountain it cannot possibly be ignored, so turning back was the only decision to make.
    Celebrate the fact to have had the privilege and pleasure of experiencing the mountain’s beauty and hardship, as we are all so greatly thankful that you are now making your way back safely home.
    Hamdulillah ala salamatqum🙏


  2. Marilyn and Greg says:

    Sorry for your disappointment after such disciplined anf inspiring preparation but dearly thankful for your attention to the sound medical advice. These bleeds have happened to several in my family and can too quickly threaten life. May the Almighty keep you safe. You have already reached the peak of greatness!


  3. Frank Robin says:

    Sorry for you 2. But that was the good decision to take. Next time the mountain will let you go …. I am sure of that. What you did was already enormous , I don’t think I would have been able to do it, especialy the cold. Happy to see you safe. Kiss to all when you are back. Congratulations.


  4. Ahmed says:

    Fantastic effort men! Must have been an unforgettable experience. Hamdillah 3ala salamatkom 🙏🏽


  5. Tarek Al-Muzayen says:

    We thank Allah all mighty you are both fine , some disappointments may happen but no issues , we have a say in Zahid: We start with integrity and end with excellence. As long as integrity is there next time sure it will end with excellence, Dinali will go no where. We are proud of your achievements, have a safe flight back home and hope to see you soon, Salam Alikom.


  6. Cherine says:

    Salamat MO , wishing you all a safe trip back home. So proud of all your achievements mashallah may God be with you all the way.


  7. Tarik Zahid says:

    Our choice of partners are more important than the choice of the route .Your choices where wise and travels home .The mountain will always be there ,your memories and experience has already changed you positively well done.I pray for both of your continued success ,and safe return home.


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